Baccarat and Bingo

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Bingo is one of the most popular lottery games worldwide and was invented in 1929. In the nearly 100 years that this game exists, countless other variations of the game have emerged that are being played offline, but more and more online.

The first bingo game on the World Wide Web is in the year 1996, so now a good 20 years, in which the bingo game has evolved enormously. In the beginning, while bingo was popular in the UK, internet bingo has spread to virtually every corner of the globe and now has a larger fan base than ever before.

How does Bingo Online work?

A bingo game online is very similar to the game played in the big bingo halls and land-based casinos, except that there is no one here who draws balls with numbers and announces them, but that it takes place by computer. Also, you do not have to keep a bingo date, but can play bingo for 24 hours, if one is after that, without having to move even one centimeter from the couch.

The main bingo card is usually a pop-up that contains the following information:

Your own cards, of which there are usually 3 pieces

A list of the players present

Added features that are not essential to the game, but that contribute to the conversation such as news, pictures, the ability to chat with other present players, and more

How to play bingo online?

Before you can start playing bingo online, you have to choose one or more of the countless online casinos that offer bingo, sign up and deposit money into your account before it’s finally done.

Not many, but some online casinos offer the opportunity to try out different bingo versions for free, before finding a variation of their choice.

The most common bingo games include the following 3 versions:

  • 90 Ball Bingo – 15 numbers spread over 3 rows (5 per row). There are prices for a line, two lines and a full house
  • 80 Ball Bingo – 16 numbers arranged in a square. There are different price formats in 80 Ball Bingo, which are usually based on the lines
  • 75 Ball Bingo – 24 numbers distributed on a square with a star in the middle (empty space). Pricing is available here for completed series or specific patterns resulting in the square

Each of the above games uses a different number of balls and a different card style. Once you have chosen one of the offered rooms, you can buy his tickets. How much you want to have depends entirely on yourself and the requirements of the bingo game, since the lots are usually limited to a certain number.

After that you just have to sit back and wait for the game to start. Once this is done, the balls are pulled and determined by a random generator. If you have this number on your ticket, it is automatically marked and tells you how many numbers are left until your next win.

The bingo software will generate additional numbers until a player has won the current prize. So that would be a complete, filled line for 90 Ball Bingo. The winner receives his prize and the game continues, usually until the grand prize has been won, which in most cases is the completion of a full bingo ticket.

Bingo and jackpots

Even if the bingo game was not originally intended, the principle of the jackpot was introduced with time and the numerous bingo variants, as they are also known, for example, from the slot machine area.

So there are two jackpots in the bingo area, a fixed and a progressive jackpot, both offer a real monetary value to the players, where it is very different, which leads jackpot more money.

Progressive Jackpots at Bingo

Especially progressive jackpots in bingo are so popular because they once again mean a whole new, exciting profit factor, which go far beyond the usual level, what else can win at bingo. Normally, the progressive jackpot starts with a minimum amount and grows with every ticket a player buys. The usual games for a jackpot of this kind are 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, but it may happen that different online casinos offer even more progressive jackpot variants.

To crack these jackpots, a player must have covered almost the entire lot with his numbers in order to win the prize. If you really want to win big, you should look for the so-called network jackpots, in which several bingo rooms contribute to the growth of the jackpot, as all are involved in it at the same time.

Fixed jackpot

The second variant of a jackpot is a fixed price that is usually paid out when a player has covered a given pattern, blackout or full house on his ticket, which means that each individual number is painted. The height of the jackpot is fixed and can not be influenced, so you know in advance how much you can win.